What’s cooking
Our menus allow you and your guests to experience, enjoy, and savor the sheer pleasure of food that stimulates your senses.

Some clients describe our food as being magical. How do we do it? We can’t give away all our secrets, but here are a few:

:: To end up with the best food, we start with the freshest ingredients.Whenever possible, we use organic locally grown and raised produce and meats from sustainable farms, as well as from our own garden. Why? Because it makes sense from a quality, health, and business perspective.

:: We make our food-every stock, every sauce, every dressing and every dessert—from scratch. No powdered mixes, no pre-made sauces, and no shortcuts taken.

“Thank you for that unbelievable wedding cake. People are still talking about it. I’m determined to open that topper before the year is up.” Jennifer B.

:: In addition to exquisite flavoring, we add our love of cooking, joy of creativity, and years of experience.

The result? A meal that is sure to please even the most selective and discerning palates.

“Wow! What a phenomenal event! It was because of your contribution that this year’s dinner was such a monster success. Your contribution to the menu made a huge difference to the reception of the menu overall…” J.P UC Davis DIVO

Sample Menus

When it comes to menu planning, we’re happy to incorporate your personal preferences and develop fresh new ideas tailored to your specific event. Below are examples of client favorites:

:: Passed appetizers
:: Entrees
:: Desserts

Ready to start planning a menu for your event? Contact us; we’re happy and ready to help.