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Our Staff
Behind every great catering company is a great staff; we’re proud of ours.

Comprised of food lovers and service enthusiasts, our staff plays a key roll in creating the appropriate atmosphere for your event. Whether a formal dinner or an informal family celebration, our staff is there for you. It is not unusual for our repeat clients to request staff members by name, for the service they provide is memorable.

I really enjoy working for you, much more so than anyone else. Your events are more exciting, your crew is always excellent, and the food is always amazing.” Noah B.

Robert and Mica
Savoy Event partners/owners Robert Gott and Mica Talmor-Gott met in culinary school. They soon discovered their feelings included more than just a mutual love of food. Theirs is a story of passion: passion for food, for life, for Savoy Events, and for each other.

Mica Talmor-Gott
Cooking is a way of life for Mica. “In my family, the way to show love and affection for people is to feed them.”

Mica’s practice of cooking with the freshest ingredients and making everything from scratch was ingrained at an early age. Mica’s grandmother lives on a small dairy farm. Her family eats homemade cheese and cream and eggs from their own chickens. They cure their own olives and preserve fruit and vegetables to enjoy throughout the year.

It was on this small farm that Mica learned about the incredible diversity each ingredient offers: “When you eat off the land, you eat with the seasons—and you learn to make many things with each ingredient.”

Mica studied classic French cuisine and learned about kosher law at the Chef Training Program in Haifa, Israel. She then moved to the United States to earn her Pastry Chef Degree at the California Culinary Academy’s Baking and Pastry Arts program.

After graduating, she quickly distinguished herself by working for some of the Bay Area’s most creative restaurants and caterers.

As well as being an accomplished chef, Mica’s talents as a pastry chef are widely recognized. She was invited to prepare the dessert course for a James Beard dinner. In addition, EOS restaurant was awarded “Best Place for Desserts” from the San Francisco Bay Guardian during her tenure as a pastry chef. Both the San Francisco Chronicle and the Oakland Tribune recognized her creative talent in restaurants both in San Francisco and in the East Bay.

Robert Gott
Robert’s entry into the food world began innocently enough. “When I was in high school, I wanted a job. I didn’t care what the job was, I just wanted to be able to go to school and work at the same time. So I took a job as a baker so I could work before school.” Thus began Robert’s illustrious career in the food industry.

Both family and teachers anticipated an academic career for Robert. Instead, he surprised them by enrolling in the California Culinary Academy to pursue what had become an ongoing fascination: baking bread.

After graduation, Robert became a baker at a boutique grocery store. It didn’t take long for his ability to be discovered. Within 2 years, Robert was promoted first to Head Baker, then to Bakery Operations Manager, and finally to Buyer and Supervisor. His passion and ability in both baking and management led to him being widely sought as a consultant by well-known Bay area bakeries. He established a reputation for helping bakeries operate successfully and grow considerably while increasing product quality.

Ever one to feed his curiosity, his forays in the food arena include using a solar oven to make and sell baked goods at local farmers markets, and working for numerous catering companies to learn all facets of the business before he and Mica went into business for themselves.